Friday, October 3, 2008

~ my husband rocks! ~ Giveaway Winner!!!

How it all began . . .

It's Friday again, everybody!!! I'm so excited to reveal the winner of our uber-fabulous, first ever, My Husband Rocks/Austin & Katy's Anniversary Giveaway!

But before we get to that, I have to tell you more about my wonderful husband, Austin, and why he rocks!!!


Yesterday, I had a conversation with a co-worker that really excited me, and I could not wait to tell Austin about it, so as I was driving home for lunch I called his cell phone. I asked him if he had time to listen to my story, and he said yes, so I launch into a description of the conversation that could have inevitably taken up much of my hour-long lunch break. He listened and was excited with me, and about ten or fifteen minutes into the conversation he said, "I hate to go, honey, but I'm under a vanity, and I've got to finish plumbing in this sink."

!!!!! He had been working away, trying to be as quiet as possible, so that he could hear my silly story !!!! Do you see why I love this man!??!? :) He is so awesome!


And now, the moment we've all been waiting for . . . .


I added up all the points of all the entrants, and the total came to 501 . . .

I plugged that number into the Random Number Generator (it's fun if you imagine that echoing, lol!) . . .

And the magic number was . . .


I went back throuth my MHR Giveaway Roster . . .

Added again until I got to 203 . . .

And the winner is . . .




And honorable mentions have to go to Sarah Mae, Kay-Kay, and Kristi who played along the whole way through and earned the most "points" (41, 30, and 29 respectively)!

Thank you all for participating, and making it so much fun to be a part of My Husband Rocks! Fridays!!!

If you did not win this time, do not despair, the beautiful and talented Tara has generously offered some fabulous Cherish Bound prizes for our next giveaway which will take place as soon as we reach 150 participants!!! We are at 98 now, so invite your friends!

Scoot on over to Stephanie's place and give her some bloggy love congratulations!!! And don't forget to check in with everybody bragging on their hubby by clicking on the "My Husband Rocks Participants" button in the left sidebar.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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If you're not a blogger, but still want the world to know about your amazing husband (or wife, or husband to be, or wife to be, etc.) leave a shout-out in the form of a comment! If you're unable to comment, e-mail me at katylinvw [at] yahoo [dot] com and I'll add your shout out to this post!

As always, on Fridays From*me Tees will refund your shipping on any order of two or more items if you mention the great adventure and ~my husband rocks! Fridays~ in the "how did you hear about us?" section of your order form, so run on over there and check them out, too! Thank you From*me Tees!


  1. What great hubby Katy Lin! I enjoy hearing all of the wonderful things you have to share!

    Congratulations Stephanie!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi! I participated in My Husband Rocks! today!

    Thanks for hosting. :)


  3. I have been wanting to do this for a while - Today's The Day!!!

    Thanks for sharing the quiz - we had fun with it when we did it.

    And thanks for this great forum to build up our wonderful men, you can never share too much love for your man!

  4. Congrats Stephanie and Thank You Katy Lin for such an uplifting topic and post to look forward to each Friday.

  5. YAY! Congrats Stephanie!!! :) And Katy Lin, that is a great story about your hubby - how sweet!

  6. what a great hubby you have!!!! I hope I can find one like that one day :)

  7. Every Friday I read your post, and every Friday I say "He is just the SWEETEST!" Sounds like you got a good one!

    Congrats Stephanie!

  8. so... how did you get you and austin's pics in that big My Husband Rocks image????? :)

  9. This is a great meme! Thanks for hosting it! I'm going to join in next week. Between this, thanksgiving thursday, and gratituesday, I'll be keeping my focus on my many blessings! Oh! I'd love for you to join me for "My favorite things Monday." Inspired by the Sound of Music!

  10. You've got a sweet one!!

  11. Okay, I'm a little sad I didn't win, but I'll get over it. :O) Can't wait to offer my prize!

    You're both too adorable! Such a beautiful couple!

  12. Oh, yeah....My Husband Rocks post is up on my blog too.

  13. How great that you have so many rocking husbands and wives that appreciate them!

  14. Here's my post today!

  15. God bless you for starting such a great idea as My Husband Rocks! Writing a brief story has become my time to focus on why I love my husband, and I can feel myself appreciating and loving him deeper each week.

  16. Hi Miss Kaity...Just wanted to say thanks for hosting the giveaway, and for creating this wonderful blog! I love bragging on my hubby! God has certainly blessed me and I want the world to know. =o)

    Your bloggy friend,

  17. He's a patient man, Katy Lin!

    Congratulations to the winners!

    (Hey, how does one get those number of entries - 41, 39, 29? I though the max was 5+3+3+15=26...maybe I misunderstood the rules.)


    Oh also, when you say "participated" in MHR this week - did that mean 9/26 or 10/3? I published mine 10/4 Saturday today so I guess that didn't count huh?


  18. whew--I FINALLY got my post up--only 2 days late! LOL!
    You can see it here:

  19. Stopping by to say hello. I hope you had a good weekend. :)

  20. Hi Katy Lin! You're invited to "My Favorite Things Monday" inspired by the Sound of Music! You sharing a picture and story of your current 'favorite thing' that cheered you up when life got you down, would be a blessing! I hope you can come!

    ps. love your meme!!!!!


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